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SOG Flash AT Assisted-Opening Pocket Knife

If you want your knife to get something done quick, the sooner you can deploy it, the better. One way to get your blade ready in a flash is to carry an assisted-opening knife like the new SOG Flash AT. SOG has taken one of their best-selling designs and revamped it from the ground up, complete with better blade steel, an improved lock, and much more this time around. By keeping the same core features that made the original Flash series great and upgrading them in terms of materials, technology, execution, and styling, the new SOG Flash AT really feels like a modern evolution of the crowd-favorite knife. Whether you’re on the market for a snappier EDC knife or are a SOG fan looking for a more modern upgrade, the Flash AT could be for you.

The SOG Flash AT’s blade still measures in at 3.5 inches, finding that sweet spot of usability and portability. It now comes in a cryo-treated D2 tool steel, which boasts better hardness and edge retention over its predecessor's AUS-8 steel. The Flash AT comes in either a straight plain edge, ideal for all-around EDC use, or serrated for cutting through rope and other tough materials. Generous jimping on the spine of the blade offers excellent grip for precise cuts and stability for hard use, too.

The blade is only part of the equation on the Flash AT, and the combination of its assisted opening mechanism and new ambidextrous AT-XR lock really let it shine as an everyday knife. The Flash AT is now fully ambidextrous start to finish. You can deploy it from either side using its dual thumb studs on the blade. They’re prominent and grippy on the pad of your thumb without snagging and let you deploy the blade with confidence. The assisted opening mechanism springs the blade open with a quick, smooth, and snappy motion that’s as satisfying as it is reliable. It locks up into SOG’s sturdy AT-XR lock, which you can disengage from either side without ever putting your fingers in the blade’s path. For added security, you can lock the blade from unintentionally opening with an ambidextrous safety lock intuitively located on the spine of the knife. When you’re done using the knife, it carries discreetly thanks to an included reversible deep-carry pocket clip.

The Flash AT manages to deliver solid performance and more rugged materials while maintaining a sleek, understated aesthetic that’s designed with everyday civilian users in mind. Small details like concentric circle patterning on the thumb studs and AT-XR lock and clean sweeping lines on the GRN handle provide grip to get the job done without looking overly tactical. Available in Blackout, Urban Grey, and Civic Cyan color options, the Flash AT pairs well with any style of urban EDC. You can pick one up in your favorite color and blade edge configuration over at SOG’s website linked below.

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金三角彩票官网Trending: RovyVon Aurora A1

Trending: RovyVon Aurora A1

The is one of the original models from the company, and helped put them on the map as a maker of innovative and practical compact flashlights. This tiny powerhouse runs on an internal 130 mAh Li-Po battery that recharges in 45 minutes via an accessible Micro USB port. This means you’ll always have the capacity to power the Cree XP-G3 LED, which maxes out at 550 lumens, as long as you have a charger or power bank and a cable nearby. A simple side switch allows for easy one-handed operation, letting you cycle through three output levels and a Strobe function. All of this is held within a light yet sturdy polyamide shell that’s IP65 rated and capped off with a durable stainless steel bezel. At 2.16" long, and weighing only 0.42 ounces, the easily integrates into your EDC kit, allowing you to carry impressive lighting power unobtrusively. Choose from three different body color choices at the link below.

Header image courtesy of Carter.

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Father's Day Essentials from Ridge

Father’s Day is the perfect reason or excuse to get Dad some cool new gear. Thankfully, companies like The Ridge—makers of the original Ridge Wallet—make it easy to gift something thoughtful and useful through their pre-packaged bundles and discounts. With a full lineup of everyday essentials, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for Dad on his special day. In this guide, we check out some of their dapper and durable offerings to help you find a unique and useful EDC gift for Dad this year.

While the original Ridge Wallet is what put them on the map, The Ridge also offers many other products and goods on their site. They have lines for multi-tools, bags, phone cases, portable chargers, and other merchandise. Here are some suggestions, which you can get as a standalone gift or as an ensemble to cover all of Dad’s bases.

Remember to use the promo code DAD10 for 10% off all products on the Ridge website, helping you get the perfect package for this coming Father’s Day. Show Dad some love and appreciation by giving him some thoughtful and useful gifts this year.

This is a sponsored post presented by The Ridge.

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Father's Day Gift Idea: MyDeejo Customized Deejo Knives

Father’s Day is coming up again, and so starts the quest for something useful, unique, or memorable as a gift for Dad. He may already have a little bit of everything, and even have his EDC dialed in, but nothing quite adds to a collection like a personalized piece of gear. A customized and one-of-a-kind knife is one he'll appreciate and won't soon forget, and thankfully, lifestyle and design knife brand Deejo makes all that easy and accessible with knives that you can design and get though its online platform, MyDeejo. On it, you’ll find a lot of options and choices for how you could customize Dad’s own one-of-a-kind Deejo knife, turning an everyday carry staple into a unique and personalized heirloom.

Customizing a knife for your dad starts with an easy online interface. Every option you select gets reflected onto a 3D rendering of the Deejo knife, letting you preview changes and your final design. There are five different ways to customize Dad’s knife, and the first choice to make is how large you want your customized knife to be. Depending on how you think Dad will carry or use this knife, you can choose from the three sizes are available, labeled 15g, 27g, and 39g—corresponding to their weight—with each one measuring 7cm, 9cm, and 11cm when closed, respectively. From primary EDC blade to backup knife to letter opener for his desk, these different sizes have got you covered.

Next you have the choice of three different finishes for the strong and corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel used in the blade of the knife. A classic mirror finish makes for a flashier aesthetic, but you can also go for something more subdued with the grey titanium and black titanium options. The finish extends beyond the blade and into the lightweight and skeletonized handle frame of the knife, which integrates the liner lock mechanism for when the knife is in use. On the blade, Deejo gives you the option of etching a decorative “tattoo” design, letting you pick from over 60 options, from mandala and art deco patterns to topographic maps and nature-themed designs, among others. Most cover a substantial part of the blade, and, combined with your choice of finish, create a distinct aesthetic for the knife.

The handle scales that protect the blade’s edge when it’s retracted can be customized as well, to complement or contrast with your previous choices in finish and markings. Here you have the option of different types of wood, including Juniper Wood, Ebony, Coral Wood, and others, or you can go with Composite Scales displaying Carbon Fiber weave or a polished Turtle Shell look. Finally, for a really personalized touch, you have the option to engrave Dad’s name or a short dedication onto the handle, making for a truly memorable gift.

When you’re all done with your choices, you can click a button to see how your design looks when the knife is closed, and another button to share your concept design on social media, giving your friends or even Dad a preview before you pull the trigger. When you do, it normally takes Deejo two business days to build then ship it, giving you more than enough time to have one done up and sent before Father’s Day. Every customized Deejo knife ships with its own holster, ready to be your Dad’s new everyday companion. With so many ways to customize this knife, there’s a Deejo design that’s just right for Dad. Build one up now by checking out the link to MyDeejo below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Deejo.

金三角彩票官网Trending: Orient Mako II

Trending: Orient Mako II

Sequels can be a hit or miss, and thankfully for the , it has proven to be a worthy successor to their best-selling, value-packed diver’s model. Inside, this upgraded features an in-house Orient Caliber F6922 automatic movement: it features a 40-hour power reserve, higher accuracy, and the added capabilities of hacking seconds and manual hand winding. These improved internals are housed in the familiar combination of a 200-meter water-resistant stainless steel case paired with a screw-down crown and caseback. At 41.5mm wide, 13mm thick, and 47mm from lug-to-lug, the moderately proportioned case makes for a very wearable everyday timepiece. The dial features a day/date complication, classic sword-style hands, and a modern combination of numerals and batons for the lumed hour markings. It lies behind mineral crystal glass and is framed by a functional 120-click diver’s bezel. If you’re in the market for a modern automatic dive watch, you owe it to yourself to check out the refined and robust , in your choice of dial and bezel color combination at the link below.

Header image courtesy of Mahrezza.

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Bespoke Post Curated EDC Essentials

One of the most satisfying pleasures in EDC is finding the exact tool to address your specific needs. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not everyone has the time to put into researching the right gear for them. Not to mention that even the most dedicated EDCers can sometimes miss a great and potentially game-changing release from lesser-known brands. What if you could just skip the research phase and get right to the part where you get awesome gear in your hands? That’s where Bespoke Post comes in with their curated boxes. Each month you get carefully selected and unique items delivered right to your door, saving you hours of research and letting you get right to work.

Bespoke Post rigorously vets and tests everything they put into their Boxes of Awesome themselves. This includes gear for everyday carry, style and grooming personal effects, and even specialty interests like Barware, EDC, Outdoor, Travel, 金三角彩票官方网站, and more. Whatever you’re into, chances are each box will offer a unique and interesting piece of gear you might've not known about. Just ticking a few boxes at sign-up will ensure that you never get a piece of gear you’re not interested in. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s coming each month beforehand, so there’s never any surprises. There are no commitments: skipping a box, swapping it out for another one, or adding even more eye-catching pieces from their online store is hassle-free. That way, you’ll never be charged for anything that you don’t want, and each Box of Awesome is tailor-fit to your preferences.

New boxes get released every month across a ton of categories. Bespoke Post are also adding EDC-centric gear all the time, including new items in their Flip and Gear categories. Past boxes have included everything from slim wallets and pocket knives, to obscure spices and cocktail aging kits and everything in between. So whether you want to step up in the kitchen, dress a little sharper, or replace your aging wallet or knife, a Bespoke subscription might be the easiest way to try out new stuff.

It’s free to join Bespoke Post and you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time. Each box comes with over $70 worth of gear, but because of their partnerships with the original makers your monthly subscription will only cost you $45. You get to save money with your Box of Awesome than if you tried to get each of its pieces individually.

If you want more quality gear with less research and for less money, consider checking out Bespoke Post for yourself by clicking the link below. As a special deal for Everyday Carry readers, you can get 20% off your first box with promo code EVERYDAY at checkout.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Bespoke Post.

金三角彩票官网Trending: Benchmade 940 Osborne

Trending: Benchmade 940 Osborne

Trending this week on the gear charts, the is a 20-year-old design that continues to be a favorite in the EDC community. The svelte design features a sculpted 6061-T6 aluminum handle that fits a variety of hand sizes. It also lends itself to ambidextrous use with its dual-sided thumbstuds, reversible pocket clip, and smooth-operating AXIS Lock. As for the blade, it features the now-iconic reverse tanto shape that’s flat ground from premium CPM-S30V steel. This makes for a durable and useful cutter, slicer, and piercer that will serve you well for years to come. Beyond the specs, one thing that keeps this knife part of many wishlists or top ten lists is the fidget-friendly action: a well-executed detent provides consistently snappy deployment, while the locking mechanism keeps your fingers out of the way of the smooth-falling, drop-shut blade during retraction. If you’re looking for a slim, yet tough everyday knife with a rich heritage, check out the . Take your pick of the classic from a plain or serrated edge, in a satin finish, or a black coated finish, at the link below.

Header image courtesy of Hamilton.

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